Content creation and distribution

Content Creation and Distribution 


Creating your content is the first step to distribute your message. We can assist in the design process following your brand image and design guidelines or provide your own content. We recommend 1920 x 1080 pixels resolution for our screens or 3840 x 2160 pixels for use on our 4K monitors.


There are several ways to display your contents on screen. Below is a simple guide summarising some popular methods.


•    Use a USB stick with 1 or 2 monitors. Create contents on any major design programme load to the USB and connect. All our monitors will support direct playback of video, images and music with built-in menus to browse and schedule content.

•    LG media players will allow a video link to your monitors via DisplayPort, HDMI, RGB or DVI cables. This will synchronise the content on 1 to 4 monitors. The built-in Windows 7 embedded will allow unlimited combinations of content both locally and from the internet.

•    LGs SuperSign software runs directly from your browser and provides over 40 templates. There are 5 easy steps that you can control from one computer.
1    Login to software
2    Create contents
3    Set your display Schedule
4    Select the Player(s)
5    Distribute Contents