Digital Signage Solutions Intro

Why choose us?


We are the only company to work directly with LG to deliver a complete solution. This enables us to deliver a complete digital signage package at the most competitive prices. Accompanied with our excellent after service and technical support we believe that we can find the best solution to suit your business.  


From providing the screens and software, to content distribution and management, to installation and aftercare, we are able to care for every need involved in a successful digital signage project.  



What is digital signage?


Digital signage is a powerful and flexible digital marketing tool which allows companies to maximize their advertising opportunities and improve efficiency. It is the most cost effective methods to interact, inform and sell to your customers.


Using LG's latest commercial screens and software, creating effective and engaging content has become easier than ever. LG's Supersign software synchronises all displays across your network or even the cloud.    


Key benefits of digital signage


1. Reduced Costs

Printing costs will be non-existent.  


2. Web Connectivity

Digital monitors can be connected to the internet to incorporate live news feeds, Twitter feeds, weather forecast, currency rates and videos to your display. 


3. Attract Attention & Influence customers 

Create subtle, yet effective and engaging contents that captures the imagination.  


4. Easy content updates 

Update your content at a click of a finger! LG's super sign software comes pre-loaded with various templates to make creating new contents even simpler. 


5. Platform to showcase and share work 

Create a slide show or video to showcase your latest project or offers! With multiple log in system, you can share your work with your peers effortlessly



*******The below video provides further information about how digital signage operate and the benefits it can bring to your business*******