Where do you get your stock from and what is manufacturer refurbished?
As an LG authorised dealer our TV stock comes direct from LG factory where it has been professionally restored and tested. As the box has been opened previously, it cannot be classed as brand new. These items are in very good condition with only minor cosmetic blemishes, due to handling and repackaging. Any blemishes would not affect your viewing experience and would only be visible on very close inspection. 
A manufacturer refurbished item can be a 28 day customer return, surplus stock, exhibition stock or simply returns from retail branch or online store.
 Our Commax Door entry Systems are brand new and come direct from the Commax factory.

How do I assemble my TV?
It is recommended to have two people handle the TV and that no pressure is placed on the screen while carrying. Find a smooth, soft workspace to place the TV face down in its foam cover. If your TV has a base and neck part, fix these two together first using 4 screws. The whole stand will then slot into the back centre on the TV. Use the last 4 screws to fix in place, firm but not too tight. If the TV has a single or double foot type stand, slide into the back and use the 4 screws firm, but not too tight. Both of you will then need to lift the TV into place and finally remove the protective foam sheet.


How do I start watching TV?
FREEVIEW – Once your TV is assembled with the power cable and antenna plugged in, use the on-screen setup menu to set your location and language settings. You will be brought to the auto-tune menu where you can automatically program your channels.
SKY, VIRGIN, SET TOP BOX – Connect your TV Sky box/Virgin Media box or other set top box/Blu-ray player/games console into the HDMI socket. Next, plug in the power cable and setup the on-screen language and location settings. Once finished, use your input button on the remote to select the required input, turn on your device and enjoy.


How do I setup my magic remote?
Sometimes you may need to sync your magic motion remote to your TV. With the TV on and batteries in the remote, hold the remote facing the TV then press and hold the SMART OR HOME and BACK buttons at the same time for around 7-8 seconds then let go of both buttons and press the OK scroll wheel button. The TV should register a new magic remote. If not, simply try again, it can be a little tricky.


How long does delivery take?
For small items and TVs between 32”-47” we use Royal Mail or XDP Express. Please allow 3-5 working days from when you place your order. TVs of 55” and larger are placed on a Pallet service and are delivered within 3-5 working days after you place your order.


What if I change my mind?
If you do not wish to keep your item, please inform us within 30 days of receipt. If you would like a refund simply repackage your item and send to us safely with a suitable courier service. Once this arrives with us we can refund the item cost.


What happens if I have a problem with my item?
If you have a problem with your item, please contact us on 0208 549 0770 between 9am-5pm Monday to Friday or email us info@kcsoundandvision.com. We will get back to you as soon as possible to help troubleshoot the issue or initiate a return.


Who handles my payment?
All payments for orders on our website are handled by PayPal services. You can pay via PayPal account or with Credit/Debit card via PayPal. Please ensure your correct and most up-to-date contact details are on your PayPal account and on the order form to ensure smooth transaction and delivery process. 


How do I track my item?
Your tracking number will be added to the PayPal payment or emailed to you. Please use it to track the progress on the relevant website. www.parcelforce.co.uk OR www.xdp.co.uk OR call us for pallet tracking on 0208 549 0770.


How long have you been trading?
KC Sound and Vision Ltd has been LGs authorised dealer here in the UK since summer 2009.


Why should I shop with KC Sound and Vision Ltd?
At KC Sound and Vision our first goal is to ensure you are matched with your ideal product. Any member of staff will be able to offer you advice on our items and not just generic sales pitch. Customer service is just as important to us before, during and after your order and we are very happy to offer friendly advice, setup instructions or even troubleshooting.


How do I contact you?
You can call us direct on 0208 549 0770 between 9am-5pm Monday to Friday or drop us an email info@kcsoundandvision.com


Do I get any warranty?
All TVs are covered by a 12 month warranty, home audio players and recorders have a 6 month warranty and Commax products have a 12 month warranty. This is a return to base warranty and covers your item for parts, labour or replacement should an item develop a fault.


Are your TVs supported by LG?
Although th
e warranty itself is covered by KC Sound and Vision, LG can still provide technical details for UK based models as well as software updates for relevant TVs and Phones etc. LGs website also provides other downloads such as the user guides for many of the items.


What is 4K
4K is a new content format that will allow resolutions of four times that of Full HD content. 4K content is available to stream via Youtube and some new programs on Netflix. To play content from a 4K Blu-Ray player, you will need a TV with HDMI version 1.4 (for 30Hz) or later. (HDMI version 2.0 offers 60Hz playback)


What is HDR?
HDR will be the latest generation of content, here to support and further improve 4K. HDR content is produced in order to offer much brighter images with a more natural contrast. HDR will soon be available to stream. To play HDR via Blu-Ray as soon as it's released, HDMI version 2.0a will be required.